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We specialise in the design and effective
use of space within the workplace.


We provide complete design solutions directly to our clients and maintain partnerships with other practices where the provision of a supporting design and CAD facility is paramount. We have formed sound relationships with a number of internationally renowned companies. Over 80% of our clients have chosen to re-engage our services as their preferred consultant – an achievement which we are proud of and hope to maintain as a standard in the future.

Despite our growth WDL remains a close-knit organisation made up of young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals; our client feedback is a testimony to the exceptional qualities of our team, which we hold as the backbone of our success.

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We have a very creative team committed to finding workable solutions to the most challenging project brief.


Andrew is a passionate character. From an architectural background, his passion for the workplace drove him to conceive WDL in 1997. Specialising in the technical side of design, Andrew’s approach allows the design to be robust & practical, while retaining excellent aesthetic characteristics. Since the early 90s, with the move towards the agile workplace, Andrew’s involvement with large blue-chip organisations such as Xerox, Sony & Microsoft reviewing their portfolio & use of space has resulted in him being seen as a Subject Matter Expert in the industry.

Andrew Sapio
Studio Principal

Sahand is from an architectural background and has been working in the D&B industry for over 10 years and successfully achieved his RIBA Masters Part 2. Since joining WDL he has delivered numerous large scale projects, where his skills have proven a key element of success within WDL.

His unique set of skills within the design field and his ability to lead our Design projects has helped his drive and ambitions for more success as a Designer and for WDL as a whole.

Sahand Asaid
Senior Designer 

David’s career is built on a strong foundation, which was made up of a five-year architectural apprenticeship.  He qualified as an Architectural Technician and is a member of CIAT. He also gained valuable experience with regard to planning and building regulations submissions.

David has been with WDL since 1997 and has continued to develop his technical design skills and has become adept in space utilisation study, measured surveys, and detailed construction drawings.

David Terris
Architectural Technician

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